Jus By Julie Cleanse: Day 1

This picture is from the Jus by Julie website - look how beautiful the drinks look!

This picture is from the Jus by Julie website – don’t the drinks look beautiful?!

I wasn’t very hungry when I got up, possibly due to the binge-fest I had the night before, so I didn’t get started on my first drink until I was settled in at work, a bit after 9 a.m. The first drink, Morning Glory, was a not-very-promising green; yes, I know green smoothies are all the thing, but I can’t help but think a salad-put-into-a-blender is not very appealing, especially for breakfast.

The juices look beautiful. The reviews are awesome. The drink contains things I like in my shakes – like strawberries and bananas – and things I routinely eat on my own, so I do feel like I went in with an open mind. Maybe I’d love it and put kale in my smoothies all the time, so healthy!

Part of my plan to stick with this was to tell everyone about it; in that spirit I texted my girlfriend a picture and she replied “looks yummy!” I wrote back, “It is emphatically not yummy”. It so much tasted like a salad put into a blender, I really had to choke it down. I wound up preparing one of my two allowed cups of green tea with stevia, and I had to alternate between shots of Jus (try to swallow without tasting!) and the soothing tea. It took me nearly an hour to finish it.

A little over an hour later (this being two hours after I started the first drink), I was ready to start the second Jus, Spicy Lemonade. I had not properly factored how long these would take to unfreeze in the fridge, so this was quite slushy, though I have to admit I liked it that way. This drink was quite tasty, though the cayenne pepper provides quite a quick!

My staff ordered in pizza, and I had peeked ahead to see the next bottle was green. That made me feel a little defeated, but by this point I had told too many people to quit (isn’t everyone interested in my cleanse?!).

I had my second cup of tea and some more water, and the bathroom breaks began in earnest by the time I started drink three, Sweet Spin, a little after 2 pm. It’s a lie: it’s not sweet, in spite of pineapple, banana, mango – they just can’t override the spinach and kale. Took an hour to finish again.

Like clockwork, 2 hours later I was ready for another drink; I was feeling a little caffeine deprived at this point, too. Number four, Acai Blend, was good, not great – I had better hopes after reading the ingredient list (acai berries, strawberries, banana). At this point I was pretty alarmed by the amount of sugar I was consuming in all of these drinks, and also that they listed hardly any nutritional value other than vitamins A and C. Is there really a benefit to this?

My cancelled trainer appointment was surprise rescheduled for the evening, which threw me off a little – should I drink before – would I make myself sick? In the end, by 6 pm (yes, another two hours), I was starting to feel hungry, so I cracked open bottle number five, Island Coconut. Oh my, it was great – like drinking a dessert! Yeah!! I only drank half, as I didn’t want to overdo it before my training session. All went well – I did the easiest of my routines, 25 minutes with the trainer, then another 25 to finish up on my own. I couldn’t wait to get in the car and finis this drink!
At 8 pm I was ready for the last bottle, Xtreme Green; yes, you guessed it, more kale and spinach. I considered skipping it because it just seemed so unappealing, but I didn’t want to wake up starving, or not be able to sleep because of hunger. Additionally, this drink had the most protein of the day (a whopping 6 grams), so I really felt like I should suffer through. The lime, pineapple, and orange did come through enough to make the other two green drinks lower on my list than this one.

I was really stunned about the amount of sugar – over 100 grams for the day. I checked out their website to see if it was addressed, but it’s not. Yes, the sugar is nearly all from fruit, but it still seems crazy. And the day ended with a paltry 16 grams of protein; the website says “you will be receiving an ample amount of protein to sustain you throughout the course of the day”, but even vegetarian me finds this shockingly low. The day is also well under on fiber, iron, calcium, and who knows what else because it’s not on the label.

I survived the day feeling totally fine, though a bit sleepy – hard to tell how much of that is because of how poorly I slept the previous week and how much is due to the cleanse (only 850 calories today, plus I burned some off at the gym). I have to think someone much larger than me would be pretty hungry today (I’m 5’6” and 137 pounds). I felt relatively full and did not obsess about food, though I was actually excited about being allowed to have my vitamins since they are mostly gummy vitamins – yeah, chewing!!


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