Jus By Julie Cleanse: Day 2

From the Jus by Julie website...my nemesis, Morning Glory.

Photo from the Jus by Julie website…my nemesis, Morning Glory.

I let myself sleep as long as I wanted; I had the day off and had not slept well the week before. I slept for 12 hours!! I don’t know how much of that was due to the prior week of inadequate sleep and how much related to only having 850 calories the day before. I do know that I was not eager to get up and have that Morning Glory juice. I awoke feeling a bit groggy and with a slight headache, which I was a little worried about. I did wake up thinking of food. 😉  I was down 2 pounds, which I was quite surprised about, as the reviews didn’t really indicate much in the weight loss department.

I had put everything in the fridge from the freezer last night; unfortunately it was still frozen solid. I put the first juice into a bowl of hot water and settled in with a cup of tea, which I much preferred. The juice defrosted quickly enough and I had to gulp it between sips tea; it was a challenge to drink that first juice, and disappointing that it is the same one I’ll start the day with again tomorrow. My headache disappeared quickly and I felt like I had plenty of energy to do the stuff around the house I wanted to do.

Because it was so late into the day already, I moved right into my second juice, which had mostly defrosted sitting on the counter. Spicy Pome-Nade is much like yesterday’s drink number 2 and quite enjoyable; it actually tastes like a normal drink!

Another round of Sweet Spin (the same green drink as yesterday – and oh goodie, the same green drink I get to have tomorrow) before moving on to the Chia Berry drink.  This had bits of chia floating in it, which is normally a turnoff for me, but it was fine in this drink. It felt like I was drinking a mostly melted real-fruit popsicle, very sweet (I love sweet!).

I had high hopes for drink number four, Not So Chunky, as peanut butter and banana is a combination I am quite fond of. It was pretty good, probably the best drink of the day again.

Around 7 I started feeling hungry, so it was time for my last drink, a repeat of yesterday’s X-treme Greens. I just cannot feel desire towards these green drinks. By 10 I was feeling slightly hungry and had a few pieces of sugar-free gum, which is allowed, but I would rather have not resorted to it.

I found myself a bit hungry by bed-time, so I had some tea so I would be able to sleep and also not wake up starving.

There was a lot of peeing today, but nothing by way of bathroom adventures like I had on the cleanse I did a few years ago. Good energy throughout the day, no obsessing over food or drinks (this girl loves Coke Zero) I couldn’t have. All in all I was pretty pleased to have made it through my second day relatively easily, especially being in the house with a lot of temptation. Two-thirds of the way there – woo-hoo!!


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