Jus By Julie Cleanse: Day 3

A picture of Choco-Nana from the Jus by Julie website.  What have we here, does that say chocolate?!

A picture of Choco-Nana from the Jus by Julie website. What have we here, does that say chocolate?!

I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up down another 1.4 pounds; I wasn’t expecting it, as it didn’t really seem like people were losing weight on this, and it’s not like I am very overweight. Not complaining! Just worried it would come zooming back when I start eating again tomorrow and be a mental stumbling block. Who’s thinking about eating?!

I slept a long time again, around 10-11 hours. I felt fine in the morning, no headache, fine energy. I had been thinking I would try the gym one day, but it was clear if I did that I would need to eat something and I really wanted to stay on track, so I decided to just take care of things around the house and run a few errands.

I can’t say I wanted to have that Morning Glory drink again – ugh, just the smell when I popped it open had me resistant. Maybe a cup of tea first?? Honestly, I used to the tea as a reward in between this drink – and the thought of ME using TEA as REWARD is nearly ludicrous.

My drinks were all mostly ones I’d already had, and the day progressed nicely. One of my errands was to go to a chocolate store to pick up treats, and it was surprisingly easy, even when offered a free sample. Every other year I have certainly bought myself something as well, but I wasn’t even tempted, I didn’t even look!

I was a bit amazed about the amount of peeing needed all day long, and at one point even started timing how long it took because I just couldn’t believe it (the record was 17 seconds, though I’m sure I blew that record away the day before when I wasn’t timing things).

I did not look forward to Sweet Spin (green drink), but it went down better than I thought it would…I would say that I got somewhat accustomed to the taste, but it is impossible to think I will ever willingly make a drink with kale and spinach in it for myself.

The fifth drink of the day was the only new one for the day; it’s called Choco-Nana, and chocolate is suspiciously listed as the first ingredient. The Spicy Lemonade drink had maple syrup and cayenne pepper in it, but I think all of the others were strictly veggies, fruit and water, so I was very surprised by this turn of events. But oh so happy! It was very much like a treat!! Hard not to gulp down in one go.

I was not looking forward to that last drink (need I say it was green?), but it went down ok, I must have acclimated. Had another cup of tea and I could say that I successfully did it!

I had spent part of the day researching lots of recipes, making a food shopping list and generally making plans for what I would be eating in the coming days, as I did this cleanse for a reset (crappy eater before, healthy eater after). I had thought this might be really difficult (create the temptation to cheat) because I had not had solid food in three full days, but it was really totally fine. Honestly, doing the cleanse was kind of a break – you just don’t worry about what you’ll eat next or be tempted to snack because “I can’t have it on the cleanse”. I thought it would be a lot harder than it was.

I was very pleased with myself for making it through without cheating, and felt I had successfully reset. The coming days will tell…


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