Three Weeks And Counting!

It’s been three weeks since I started the cleanse.

Things that are going great:
• No soda in three weeks!! I can’t believe it! I wasn’t even thinking I’d do this going into the cleanse.

• No sweet-n-low in three weeks! (I switched to “natural” Stevia, and I’m counting that as a win, especially since I tried to make the switch before and failed.) Another “plus” from the cleanse that I hadn’t been thinking of going into it.

• No traditional cookies, candy, cakes, etc. in three weeks!

• I’m chewing way less gum (I used to go through a pack+ a day), and I’ve wanted to cut that back for a long time. Yet another positive I hadn’t thought of going into the cleanse.

• I’ve been eating much better, including cooking more at home.

• I’ve been doing more cardio, which I had sacrificed to strength training in recent months because it just takes too much time to do both.

• I’ve not really been craving the foods I’m trying to avoid; it hasn’t been a struggle much at all.

• I’ve kept off the weight I lost with the cleanse.

• I’m feeling “in the zone”.

Things that are not going great:

• I have been sick for two weeks!! I do not usually get colds, or at least colds that amount to anything, but this cold won’t quit. I even got pink eye as part of it!

• I’ve had a reduced appetite due to being sick and have been worrying that part of the reason I’m not struggling with overeating and cravings is just because I’m sick – that when I’m back to normal it will not be as easy.

• More home cooking means lots of time – and lots of dishes to take care of!

• In spite of three weeks of eating better and less, I have not lost any additional weight. I feel like the only person on the planet who can be sick for two weeks and not lose any weight.

• Because of being sick, I’ve hardly done any of my weight routines, and I haven’t managed to do yoga once. My ears have been very clogged with this cold, and downward dog has not been very appealing. I know from experience that not doing my routines means I am losing ground on them, and that’s depressing.

• There doesn’t really feel like any benefit to eating and drinking better. I don’t feel slimmer or less bloated or more energized or more anything positive. I just need to trust and believe I’m doing the right thing, but I’m worried how long I will stay in the zone without any results.


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